Meet the New Simpsons Character, Ricardo Bombo

The Simpsons
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If you’ve been following The Simpsonscreate-a-character contest that ensued last month, you’ll be interested to know the wait is finally over. The show has selected a winner whose cartoon creation will be featured in the series’ 20th Anniversary episode.

Meet Ricardo Bomba, a handsome, South American nuclear power plant worker who has a smooth way with words, not to mention the ladies. His creator was Peggy Black, an Orange, Conn. hospital-operations manager who thought that Springfield was missing “something like a Casanova.”

“Rrrri-carrr-do Bomba,” was how Black introduced him to the Associated Press, rolling her r’s with vivacity. “He’s someone that all the women love and all the men want to be.”

Black’s Bomba won out over some 25,000 other submissions. Her character will appear in the Jan. 31 episode, “Million Dollar Maybe,” along with guest star Chris Martin. The episode is mostly completed except for the segment featuring Black’s creation. Homer will encounter Bomba while rushing to a date with Marge.

Black’s grand prize includes a trip to Los Angeles where she’ll get to work alongside the show’s producers as they piece together Bomba’s scene.