Paul F. Tompkins Preps New Album, Freak Wharf, for December

Paul F. Tompkins
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As fans await the resurfacing of VH1’s Best Week Ever from its months-long hiatus, A Special Thing Records is preparing to release the sophomore album of the show’s former host, Paul F. Tompkins.

Freak Wharf documents Tompkins’ performance at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater when he was there last March, including his 15-minute introduction (!!!) to the stage. The title of the album comes from Go Ask Alice, a 1971 book that uses the term to describe a mental hospital. Of course, the veteran comedian, who recently lent praise to Patton Oswalt, is used to putting things in his own terms:

Freak Wharf will be released in select stores, via and iTunes. His debut album Impersonal, a recording of his Upright Citizens Brigade performance in Los Angeles,was released in 2007.