Robert Zemeckis Confirms Roger Rabbit Sequel

Robert Zemeckis
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Robert Zemeckis is a busy guy these days. Having directed and produced the animated Dickens adaptation, A Christmas Carol (due out this Friday, Nov. 6), Zemeckis has also announced a 3-D Yellow Submarine remake, and on top of these, he’s finally fessed up to his plans for a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel.

Since the original hit theaters over 20 years ago, there’s been a lot of chatter about Roger Rabbit prequels and sequels, ideas that had little to do with Zemeckis and petered out over time. “I think there was a time right after the movie came out that the Disney regime at the time — it was a point in the life of the studio where if you made a successful movie they could no longer afford to hire you back,” Zemeckis told MTV. “I guess there were some projects that I don’t know anything about.”

The 1988 follow-up is becoming more tangible as Zemeckis has confirmed that a script is currently in development, which is being written by original scribes Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman, MTV reports.

Known for his ingenuity in special effects, Zemeckis will likely use performance-capture technology to helm the sequel, but casting details and returning characters are yet to be revealed.