New Thermals Album Coming in September 2010

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Death Cab for Cutie  may not be the first name you’d associate with descriptors like “bratty,” “snarling” or “3-chord punk anthems,” but DCFC guitarist Chris Walla has been working with bratty, snarling punk anthem-ists The Thermals for years. This December, Walla will set up camp in Portland’s Jackpot Recording Studio for his third time with The Thermals for the band’s fifth album, to be released on Sept. 7, 2010 on Kill Rock Stars.

The untitled fifth LP may be The Thermals’ most complete-sounding album in years—the band’s last two albums (Now We Can See and the barn-burning The Body, The Blood, The Machine) were recorded as a duo of Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster after original drummer Jordan Hudson bailed over three years ago; the upcoming album will be the first recorded with new drummer Westin Glass.

Much like Ted Leo, The Thermals play a specific brand of melodic punk rock seldom boasted these days: stripped down, shit-kicking, ragged guitar jams with a serious disdain for anything artsy for the sake of being artsy. Glad to see we’ll get some more of it in 2010.