Watch Death Cab for Cutie, Tween Vampires Converge on Hot Topic

Death Cab For Cutie
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According to Twilight, vampires, those sexy creatures of the night with good hair, hang out in a dark spot completely devoid of happiness: high school. But here in the real world, we know there’s a much more fitting spot for bloodsuckers to meet and buy their favorite band’s t-shirts: Hot Topic.

Fittingly, then, musical godheads of tween vampires everywhere, Death Cab for Cutie, whose tune “Meet Me at the Equinox” is the lead single off of the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, played for a crowd of folks in a Los Angeles Hot Topic just a few days ago.

Check out a video of that very performance right here:

Wonder if Ben Gibbard got a complementary Robert Pattinson pillow case Or, at the very least, one of these numbers.