Watch Jason Segel Hilariously Perform Onstage With The Swell Season

Jason Segel
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We probably should’ve seen this one coming, honestly. The Swell Season: earnest, beautiful folk rock made by two former lovers. Jason Segel: lovably oafish dude who got totally naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And they’ve all been in movies! Three peas in a pod, right?

Wednesday night, the How I Met Your Mother star joined The Swell Season onstage at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, and the results were nothing short of hilarious. As Segel says, he asked Marketa Irglova how to write a beautiful song. Her answer? Write something from the heart, and use personal information. Segel’s resulting song includes his apparent phone number (315-329-6673), about which he sings, “Only call it if you need me… Only call if you’re disease free.”

This isn’t the first time Segel’s showed off some musical chops, but it might be his best to date. After all, this tune does include the line,”Remember when I was in that show Freaks and Geeks? There were no special effects, so if you thought I was sweet, well yeah, I’m really that sweet.”

Sweet indeed:

Thanks to Pop Candy for the tip!