Listen to New Clipse Album, Till The Casket Drops, on MySpace

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Till the Casket Drops, the third album from Virginia Beach hip-hop duo Clipse, isn’t in stores until next Tuesday. But at this very moment, you can stream the new record, in its entirety, for free, on Clipse’s MySpace page. Yay, internet!

Expectations for Casket have been undeniably high, for more reasons than the obvious “because Clipse is really good.” The duo have long been a commercial dark horse of hip-hop (they’ve had a few hot singles, and their debut Lord Willin’ is still edging towards platinum status), but the general consensus is that Clipse should be a lot more of a big deal than they are in the eyes of the mainstream.

Perhaps most of all, the members of Clipse recognize their long-overdue recognition; first single “Kinda Like a Big Deal” starts with the line, “Third time’s a charm, right?”

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