Coldplay And Brian Eno Get Intimate For New Album

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Just on the heels of the Viva La Vida world tour and their guitarist Jonny Buckland getting hitched, Coldplay and their legendary Viva La Vida producer Brian Eno will work together again for their new album, what Chris Martin hopes will appeal to all his fans, according to Yahoo! News.

Martin is banking on Eno to help create a softer, more intimate sound that won’t alienate fans who aren’t keen on their snowballing stadium-rock feel. “Chris is determined not to be seen as a huge commercial rock juggernaut, filling stadiums and cashing in,” a source told Britain’s The Sun. “This is the plan to keep them as close to their fans as possible. The band are keen to make hay while the sun shines. They have hit a rich vein with their songwriting and feel more creative than ever.”

Martin was eager to start recording the album while on the road but couldn’t scrounge enough time. The group is now working overtime on the new record in a London church, and apparently the “results are really exciting so far.” It could be out as early as next year.