David Lynch Television Presents Short Film Path Lights

Starting today, the David Lynch Foundation’s website will debut a short film by Zachary Sluser called Path Lights for one week. DLF.tv will be screening Path Lights exclusively before the film heads on a tour of the festival circuit starting in 2010. (It already appeared in New York’s Woodstock Film Festival in Oct. 2009.)

The film is based on a short fiction work of same name by Tom Drury, published in The New Yorker in Oct. 2005. Drury also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation of the comedy-noir story, which is set in Southern California and centers on Bobby, played by John Hawkes (The Perfect Storm). Bobby is a voice actor who is out walking his dogs in the Pasadena arroyo when a beer bottle falls out of the sky and almost hits him on the head, launching him on an admittedly specious investigation of the bottle-dropping culprit, which leads him on a bizarre and circuitous internal and external journey. Lynch is a vocal proponent of Transcendental Meditation techniques, and he launched DLF.tv, an online TV channel to showcase “high quality video content” that “celebrates consciousness, creativity and bliss.”

In consideration of what aficionados often say is an anti-cinematic way to watch a film, director Sluser has offered some tips so that viewers will properly appreciate his artistic effort. Sluser encourages users to view the film in full screen and HD mode, to turn off instant messenger and other noisemaking applications, and to listen on headphones instead of through laptop speakers, which won’t pick up all of the lower-frequency sounds.

In addition to offering a platform from which to showcase Path Lights, DLF.tv came to the set of the film for two of the four-and-a-half day shoot this past May in order to capture some footage for several exclusive, behind-the-scenes featurettes now available on its website.

Watch the behind-the-scenes teaser trailer for Path Lights on DLF.tv: