Fleet Foxes Talk "Pretty Boring" New Album

Fleet Foxes  are prepping a new album for a 2010 release, and if you were head-over-heels about the stuff they put out last year, then you very well might be disappointed with what’s to come. Maybe even depressed.

According to a recent Pitchfork interview), frontman Robin Pecknold imagines the new music as more groove-based, “less upbeat” and recorded on the fly with mistakes and all. “I want the recording to be really fast,” he said. “I want to do all the vocal takes in one go, so even if there are fuck-ups, I want them to be on there. I want there to be guitar mistakes. I want there to be not totally flawless vocals. I want to record it and have that kind of cohesive sound… As a whole, it’s probably a little less upbeat… But some of it is just more realistic… I guess people think we’re already a mellow band, so maybe the next album will be pretty boring to most people.”

Whether or not the new songs are tailored to perfection, the recording did take place on some hallowed ground of sorts. Fleet Foxes rented a rehearsal space where Nirvana recorded Bleach.

Pecknold has also been busy with his other band, Rainbow Fang, which he formed with his sister and Fleet Foxes manager Aja. On top of this, he’s writing “film score-type music” with Morgan Henderson of Past Lives. He’s spent the last 18 months touring with Fleet Foxes.