Fox Orders Up Animated Sitcom Bob's Burgers

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Although primetime animated programming first started getting big a while ago with a certain bug-eyed Springfield family, Fox is especially flush with nighttime cartoons these days, still hosting the reigning champion, The Simpsons, as well as Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad and the upcoming Rooster Tales. It’s a hefty batch, no doubt, but apparently not quite hefty enough for Fox. They network’s got yet another cartoon series in the works, as it ordered 13 episodes of Bob’s Burgers, according to a recent Reuters report.

What sets this one apart from Fox’s Sunday animated block is its “a little more urban” setting, as put by executive producer Loren Bouchard, who also co-created Home Movies. The show takes place at a seaside East Coast town and features Bob, the founder of a modest and struggling burger shop, husband to an uptight wife and father of a few unpleasant kids.

“One of the great things about telling a story is that (the show) could be a workplace and family comedy at exactly the same moment,” said Bouchard. The show’s tone welcomes more kid-friendly comedy than his initial idea, which centered on a family of cannibals (!!!) running a restaurant. He dropped the man-eating element for the final product.

Bouchard spent many years working in bars and restaurants, and plans to bring his experience to the table. His take is that the burger joint setting “feels very iconic.”