Vatican Picks Tupac, Fleet Foxes, Muse for MySpace Playlist

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The Vatican recently compiled a suggested list of tunes, and the included artists might just surprise you.

Last week, the Vatican released an unprecedented album, Pope Benedict XVI’s Alma Mater: Music from the Vatican (on Geffen Records). It features eight original pieces of modern classical music, as well as the speaking and singing voice of Pope Benedict himself from Vatican Radio. The inclusion of audio from His Holiness is unprecedented for a Vatican product. Still, what is even more surprising is the accompanying Vatican playlist now available on MySpace.

On that playlist, alongside several of the album’s compositions, as well as classical stalwarts such as the Overture from “Don Giovanni” by Mozart, are some decidedly interesting choices. Unexpectedly featured are songs from Muse, Fleet Foxes and Tupac Shakur. Apparently, the late 2Pac himself has caught the attention of the man upstairs. The times, they are-a changin’...

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