Bon Iver High School Jazz Concert Now Available for Purchase

Bon Iver
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Before he called himself Bon Iver and formed his very own Volcano Choir, Justin Vernon was a band geek. In fact, as a Eau Clare Memorial High School senior, Vernon traveled with the rest of the jazz ensemble to New York’s Lincoln Center, to compete for the first of six times in its “Essentially Ellington” competition.

Ten years later, the jazz ensemble found themselves eligible to compete, though lacking the funds to do so. They needed Vernon’s help again. And so he stepped up to join the ensemble in its annual fundraising concert, and led an eight-song set that transitioned back and forth between old-time and For Emma, Forever Ago favorites.

Now, courtesy of Jagjaguwar, the night is immortalized in A Decade of Duke, an audio recording of the ensemble’s competition set and the Vernon-led numbers. Although physical copies are only available through the high school and select stores, digital copies can be purchased now through major online vendors.

Tracklist (via VolumeOne):

First Set:
1. Wind Machine
2. Symphony in Riffs
3. Moon Over Cuba
4. Happy Go Lucky Local
5. Portrait Of Louie Armstrong (featuring Bruce Hering)
6. Bye Bye Blackbird

Second Set:
1. Lump Sum
2. Rocks In My Bed (featuring Addie Strei)
3. Bewitched
4. Miss Otis Regrets
5. For Emma
6. Lady Is A Tramp
7. Since I Fell For You (featuring Mike Noyce)
8. Satisfied Mind