Wolf Parade Working on New Album for 2010 Release

Wolf Parade
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Spencer Krug is a man on a mission. And that mission is to put out as many albums as possible. The prolific, multi-project, Canadian singer/keyboardist already put out Sunset Rubdown’s Dragonslayer and Swan Lake’s Enemy Mine and the Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit Drums from his solo project Moonface this year. And it appears, according to a recent interview with drummer Arlen Thompson, Krug’s main squeeze Wolf Parade may have a new album in early 2010.

Wolf Parade’s official fansite (via Prefix) did the legwork on this one: “The record is going well,” Thompson told the site. “We’re just starting songwriting. We’ll be in the studio tracking at Hotel2Tango at the end of February and are trying to have the record finished by early spring.”

Although it’ll likely be some time before any official information is released, a new Wolf Parade album is certainly reason for excitement. Remember Apologies to the Queen Mary Yeah, that was cool.