Win the ultra-rare The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360 console and help Doctors Without Borders

The Beatles
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**: This fundraiser and game ended December 23. We raised $2,486.80 in one week for Doctors Without Borders. Thanks to everyone who donated! The grand prize winner was Davrosdiablo. The winners of point cards were: RDVG, jtcooperga, mikeschnitz, eastladebra, and gjhoney11. The winners of the Gold membership cards were: tedZilla99, MissSandeno, shardrix, natureguided, and matt_thebert. The winners of the videogame were: pabii2000, brycehays, vrandle, segoodenow, and ElSchticmo242. The top five point leaders were: vrandle, RDVG, segoodenow, JGNOLA, and mikeschnitz.

Paste has partnered with Microsoft and MTV Games to raise money for the international emergency medical humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders. Every dollar contributed earns the donor a change to win the limited edition The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360 console and other great prizes (details below). Donors may also play Paste’s Beatles Rock Band Scavenger Hunt to earn even more chances to win.

The limited edition The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360 console is extremely rare (only 50 available worldwide) and is adorned with beautiful art from the opening cinematic to The Beatles: Rock Band that was inspired by the legendary band. 100% of all funds raised (less bank fees) benefit Doctors Without Borders, which was personally selected as the beneficiary by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison. The first of these rare consoles reached a final bid of $17,300 on eBay, with even more money being raised from the download proceeds of The Beatles anthem “All You Need Is Love” on Xbox LIVE for the game.

To be eligible to win, donate at least $1. Each dollar donated is worth 1,000 “points” and each point is worth an entry in a random drawing for the prizes. Donors may then play the scavenger hunt to win extra points for the drawing. Game play will stop at 5 p.m. EST on December 23 and winners will be announced by December 24. You must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. resident. You must donate to play the scavenger hunt, but the scavenger hunt is optional. You do not have to “complete” the scavenger hunt; all points earned will be good for the drawing.

To donate and play (or to resume play), click below. (Keep reading for game play instructions.)


Prizes (limit one per person) include:

Grand prize: “The Beatles: Rock Band” custom Xbox 360 console (1 available)Microsoft point card—each card contains 1600 Microsoft points for purchasing downloadable content on Xbox LIVE (5 available) Xbox LIVE Gold membership cards—each card contains a code for a 1-year free Gold subscription (5 available)The Beatles: Rock Band videogame (5 available, instruments are NOT included—sorry)

In addition, the first 50 people to register and donate will receive a code that will unlock a Beatles t-shirt for your Xbox LIVE Avatar (limit one avatar code per person).

Game Play
To play the scavenger hunt, first donate via the “donate/play” button above, below or on the side of most Paste pages. (In some browsers, you can also type Ctl-V to launch the game.) You also click that button after you’ve donated to enter game mode each day. You will need to login via Twitter or your Paste login. You must be in game mode to earn extra points (points beyond those from your donation(s)).

You will see a menu page with your current question or clue. Paste will unveil five Beatles-related trivia questions each day, for the first five days. Answer each day’s question and earn points. To answer, you search for a page on Paste that might contain the answer, and (while in game mode) click the text of the answer. If you’ve found the right page and text, the answer will highlight when you mouse over it and then you’ll see points appear onscreen when you click.

For example, after you donate and enter game mode, you will see the first question in your game “menu”: “Lennon Naked shows John struggling to cope with the death of 5th Beatle Brian Epstein. How did he die?” So you search Paste for an article that might contain the answer. There are numerous articles that mention Epstein and his death, but this is the one about Lennon Naked that has the answer. Find the text that talks about his death and click “drug overdose” (while you’re in game mode).

scavenger instructions illustration.jpg

Each point you get in the game earns you an entry in the random drawing. You earn points by:

Finding answers: You will earn points when you find the answer to questions or clues. You earn 100 points for most questions and 500 for the last question for a “level” or day—although we may award more points for particularly challenging questions.Browsing: While you browse the site in game mode, you’ll earn “bonus” points at random.Following @PasteMagazine: Earn 500 points by following PasteMagazine on Twitter and then supply us with your Twitter name (which you can do by logging in to the game via Twitter or in your game profile after you login through Paste). [Note: If you’re already following @PasteMagazine, you don’t need to do anything other than supply us with your Twitter name.]Tweeting: Earn 50 points by using the hashtag “#pastehunt” when you discuss the game on twitter, retweet interesting Paste tweets or invite your followers to play. Tweet points are limited to 250 points (or 5 tweets) per day (we don’t want you spamming your friends, just sharing interesting information.) [Note: If you tweet using the hashtag, you also don’t need to do anything. We will search for tweets with the hashtag multiple times a day and automatically award you points. There may be delays between your tweets and seeing the awarded points.]



Are you sure you have the right answer but it still won’t light up? It’s possible that the answer we’re looking for is on another page or on another instance of the text on the same page. But it may also be because your browser is using a larger or smaller text size than we are expecting. To work around this, you can set your browser to use the normal (100%) zoom level. You can find the setting in the “View” menu of your browser.Are you stuck? Try searching for #pastehunt on Twitter. There are often helpful hints from the community.

Legal and Technical Stuff
The game requires Flash 9 or above as well as recent versions of Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (the game will not work in IE 6.x and below).

The contest is void where prohibited by law. Players must be 18 years of age or older and U.S. residents. Winners must respond in a timely manner in order to redeem prizes. Employees of Paste, and their relatives, are not eligible. Paste makes every effort to ensure that the prizes are awarded fairly based on donations and game play, but Paste winners are chosen solely as Paste’s discretion and rules may change at any time. Paste is not liable for any problems in game play or point attribution. Paste cannot offer any support for technical problems with the game. Playing the game indicates acceptance of these rules. Game play will stop at 5 p.m. EST on December 23 and winners will be announced by December 24. You must donate to be eligible for prizes and to play the scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt play is optional. You do not have to “complete” the scavenger hunt; all points earned will be good for the drawing.

About the Limited Edition “The Beatles: Rock Band” Xbox 360
Only a small number of these very special edition Xbox 360 consoles professionally customized to honor The Beatles will ever be available to the public with all proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Each console is numbered and adorned with illustrations from the eye-popping cinematic intro for The Beatles: Rock Band. The cinematic was created by Harmonix with the Oscar winning film and animation company Passion Pictures, best known for its ground breaking animation for the hit band Gorillaz.

About “All You Need Is Love”
“All You Need Is Love” is available exclusively on Xbox 360 as a downloadable song for The Beatles: Rock Band through Xbox LIVE with Apple Corps Ltd, MTV Games, Harmonix and Microsoft proceeds benefitting Doctors Without Borders. The track is available for 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

About Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders is an international medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971 working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, along with Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison personally selected the charity as the beneficiary of these proceeds.