Zombieland Producer Confirms 3D Sequel

Unlike most flicks of its genre, Zombieland wasted little time introducing its supporting cast of bloodthirsty, flesh-eating monsters. In precisely the same manner, Sony waited less than two months after the film’s premiere to sign off on production for a 3D sequel.

Rumors of a sequel began circulating months ago, though director Ruben Fleischer decided to wait and see how the film would fare at the box office.”I think that’s just excited jittering on the part of me and the writers and the cast, but the studio hasn’t expressed any direct interest or commitment in that idea yet,” he told Paste.

Zombieland went on to gross more than $75 million, which, to producer Gavin Polone, provided plenty of reason to to keep the great American (zombie) road trip going. “Everyone had fun watching (the first) Zombieland; making it a more visceral experience can only make it better,” Polone told Variety. “I don’t think you want to see Ordinary People in 3D. But Zombieland is clearly one movie that will benefit from (the technique).”