Blonde Redhead Composing Score to Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

Blonde Redhead
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The only sound in the dungeon’s inky-black depths is the steady rustle of your chainmail armor, and fatigue from your battle with the lich Vecna is slowly overtaking you. Suddenly, as you round a corner, you see your destination before you: the Astral Deva! Kazu Makino sits on her throne of the Golden Protector, resplendent in celestial glory. Flanking her are her two lieutenants, the twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace. “Greetings, mortal,” she bellows as she hefts her +3 Mace of Disruption. “Have you heard about the documentary for which we’re composing music?”

Okay, Kevin McAlester’s upcoming Dungeons and Dragons documentary, The Dungeon Masters, probably (definitely) doesn’t have a scene like that in it. But that part about Blonde Redhead writing the music score? Totally true! As The Playlist reports, the original score to The Dungeon Masters was indeed composed by the New York City post-punk trio.

This is also a good opportunity to point out there’s a big distinction between making music for D&D and making D&D music.

A few screenings of the film in New York are currently being planned, but it’ll primarily be available through Amazon’s Video on Demand service on Feb. 12. Watch the trailer for The Dungeon Masters below:

Trailer for The Dungeon Masters from Dungeon Masters Movie on Vimeo.