Bon Iver's Justin and Nate Vernon Planning Hometown Cultural Space

Bon Iver
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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and his brother and tour manager Nate Vernon have been given the go-ahead to build a cultural space in their hometown of Eau Claire, Wis., according to Volume One.

The Vernons now have 120 days to line up financing, construction plans and other details for the project. They’ve secured a two-story building and plan to call their combination venue, bar and learning center Union College in honor of the women’s college once housed there.

Although the Brothers Iver hope to snag big touring acts as they travel between Chicago and the Twin Cities via Interstate 94, Nate Vernon says the real purpose of Union College will be to promote the local arts scene. “We need a focal point for the energy to come through,” he told Volume One. “Knowing who we know now after being on the road, and knowing lots of booking agents and having personal relationships with bands, we just happen to be the people that are capable of doing that for Eau Claire.”