Rufus Wainwright, Mountain Goats, My Brightest Diamond to Guest on IFC's Dinner With the Band

Rufus Wainwright
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A hip New York chef whips up his guests’ favorite dishes while chatting about life. Sounds like something we’ve seen a million times, right? But wait, there’s more! After dinner the guests trade in their knives and forks for guitars and drums, performing for the audience. That’s what’s on the menu for Dinner With the Band, a new addition to the Independent Film Channel lineup, set to premiere this spring.

This musical take on the typical cooking show will welcome a different musical artist for each of the season’s 10 episodes. Tune in to watch as chef/host Sam Mason enhances various tour foods, adding his own tasty touch. This season, see Rufus Wainwright, The Mountain Goats, The Devil Makes Three, My Brightest Diamond and more dig in and take the stage.

“The perfect night out for me always includes food and music,” Mason said in a recent statement. “This show uncovers and recommends great bands, great food and great cocktails—and gives people an intimate glimpse into these artists’ lives.”

The concept behind Dinner With the Band may sound slightly familiar; it actually began as a webseries that the the IFC refashioned into a half-hour network series. The series premieres on April 27 at 10:30 p.m EST.