Funny or Die Sketch-Comedy Series Coming to HBO

funny or die
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Will Ferrell  and Adam McKay’s web sensation is coming to a TV near you. HBO will play home to the new sketch comedy series, Funny or Die Presents, premiering Friday, Feb. 19, at midnight.

The HBO/Funny or Die collaboration has been in the works for months, following Ferrell and McKay’s previous work with the cable network on the southern-fried Eastbound and Down, which chronicled the life of washed-up baseball star Kenny Powers.

Fans won’t have to wait for the February premiere to get a glimpse of how Funny or Die will translate to the small screen; the site has promised to post exclusive clips online leading up to the show’s debut. All the classic Funny or Die material is still, of course, on the site, including the widely known and much loved “The Landlord.” Speaking of which, it’s Friday! Watch below: