Has the Arrested Development Movie Finally Quit Playing Games With Our Hearts?

Arrested Development
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It’s been a gut-churning, always-changing, ridiculously-updating rollercoaster of a ride to an Arrested Development movie since we first reported on the possibility back in those cold, lonely days of 2007. In 2008, the plans were deemed “officially in the works” and Jason Bateman reassured the masses that those plans were progressing.

Oh, but then… Michael Cera said he didn’t know anything about the film, and probably wouldn’t want to be in it anyway. Just when we’d hit the very edge of doubt, Ron Howard warmed us with a whisper of hope. He said the movie would in fact be made, they just needed a script. Tony “Buster Bluth” Hale further confirmed that pretty much everyone was willing to do the movie, they just had to schedule it. (Ahem, Mr. Cera.) In 2009, Jeffrey Tambor promised the movie was going to happen before year’s end. Yet the aughts came and went, and still nothing.


Here we are, then. It’s a new decade, and after three years and more than twice that many Paste news items, we might finally be there. Will Arnett recently spilled some beans at a press junket for When in Rome, saying, “We are working on the movie right now, yeah… We don’t have a completed script yet, but it’s forthcoming and we’re going to make the movie this year.” When asked if the cameras would finally roll this year, he said with a quip, “That’s the plan. We’re hoping once Jason Bateman gets out of rehab. I think that we’re going to start shooting.”

Here’s hoping!