Marc Webb Named New Spider-Man 4 Director

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After previous Spider-Man director Sam Raimi walked from Spider-Man 4, Sony revealed a complete overhaul of the fourthcoming (rimshot!) Spidey installment. Marc Webb has signed on to direct the reworked film, which will now tell the story of a younger Peter Parker. The aptly named Webb is best known for 2009’s (500) Days of Summer.

Acknowledging the challenge of taking on the beloved movie series, Webb said in a recent statement, “I am signing on not to ‘take over’ from Sam [Raimi]. That would be impossible. Not to mention arrogant. I’m here because there’s an opportunity for ideas, stories, and histories that will add a new dimension, canvas, and creative voice to Spider-Man.”

That “new dimension” means not only changes to the story, but also a new cast. No longer will Tobey Maguire portray the nerd/hero that is Peter Parker, and we won’t see any more shots of a rain-soaked Kirsten Dunst screaming for help from her web-slinging boyfriend.

This new scaled-down Spider-Man 4 is scheduled for a 2012 release date.