New Duplass Brothers Film, Cyrus, to Premiere at Sundance

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No, it’s not about Billy Ray or Miley. Yeah, we were a little disappointed at first as well. Try to keep reading, though.

As this year’s Sundance Film Festival (Jan. 21-31) approaches, anticipation grows for, well, all sorts of stuff. One film critics are keeping an eye on is Fox Searchlight Pictures’ Cyrus, which is written and directed by Jay and Mark Duplass (AKA: the duo behind 2005’s Sundance hit The Puffy Chair and 2008’s Baghead).

Starring John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill and Marissa Tomei, Cyrus tells the tale of divorced-slash-middle-aged John (Reilly), who falls for Molly (Tomei) only to find that he’s not the only man in her life; her 21-year-old son (Hill) also vies for her attention. John quickly discovers that this mother/son bond is out of the ordinary. Turns out, Molly’s son, Cyrus, is a new-age musician, and he and his mom are best friends. Both men have to compete for Molly’s affections, wondering if there’s only room in her heart for one guy.

Cyrus premiers on Jan. 23 and runs through the 30th at this year’s festival in Park City, Utah.

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