Sigur Rós On Indefinite Hiatus, 2010 Album on Hold

Sigur Rós
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We, along with all the other folks in the music world who care about such things, thought 2010 would bring a new album from Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós. And with good reason: Last year, the guys said on their website that their sixth album was “nearing completion.”

Looks like fans will have to wait. Frontman Jónsi Birgisson recently told Spinner, “We haven’t got another [Sigur Rós] album ready. It was just a rumor. We started to record something, but then we chucked it all away. So I think we are going to have to start it all again.”

Birgisson, whose first solo album, Go, will be out in March, confirmed that the band is indeed on a break. “Everybody in the band is having babies,” he explained. For you fretting fans, find solace in the first single “Boy Lilikoi,” from Go, which is available on Birgisson’s website and features a guest appearance from Grizzly Bear.