Stephen King Lends Voice to Shooter Jennings Concept Album

Stephen King
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Stephen King  has had no shortage of help telling his tales of terror. For a 2009 audiobook, he called on the likes of Matthew Broderick and Tim Curry to relay stories of murder and apocalyptic tragedy. Now, it seems, King is paying it forward, lending his voice to Shooter Jennings’ debut album with his new band, Hierophant.

King appears on the upcoming post-apocalyptic concept album, Black Ribbons, as Will O’ The Wisp, a talk-radio host firing off one last series of rants before his show is taken off the air by government regulation. But don’t expect to hear King croon. The author punctuates the album’s 14 tracks as a narrator.

The lead single, “Wake Up,” from Jennings’ March 2 release can be found on his MySpace, and while it doesn’t seem to feature any of King’s narration, it certainly shows Jennings heading in a new sonic direction, featuring heavy alt-rock guitars and synth blips.

“I wanted to make a different kind of record-a new adventure,” Jennings said in a statement. “And no matter what people would think, it was important to not be afraid of anything. I was ready to follow my inspiration, wherever it took me. I know some folks may be surprised at how different this record is compared to my previous works, but I’m sure once they dig in they’ll find something that speaks to them. After all, it’s the twisted road that matters, not the destination.”

For those eager for a snippet of King’s turn as the beleaguered Will O’ The Wisp, a taste can be found on

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