Dirty Projectors Release 7" Vinyl/Free MP3s of Bitte Orca B-Sides

Dirty Projectors
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Dirty Projectors have been holding out on us. After pleasing ears with one of 2009’s best albums, the avant-rockers announced this morning that they’re dispatching a 7” featuring two tracks from the Bitte Orca sessions exclusively through Domino USA’s Domino Mart.

The 7” opens with the eponymous “Ascending Melody,” a flitting exercise that’s as much R&B cooing as it is chamber pop. The b-side is “Emblem of the World,” a spare, shimmering love song. Both songs seem a logical extension of the lovely, shifting Bitte Orca. The tracks were featured on U.K.-only release Temecula Sunrise in September.

Perhaps as a thank-you for the warm reception their full-length received last year, the Projectors have made both songs available for free MP3 download on their website.