Why is Guy Ritchie Launching a Record Label?

Guy Ritchie
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Good question!

Turns out, it’s something of a pet project. The new label, Punchbowl Recordings, has one client, the Punchbowl Band which happens to be the house band at Mr. Ritchie’s pub called, you guessed it, The Punch Bowl.

The label’s newest (and only) signee is also featured on the soundtrack of Ritchie’s latest blockbuster Sherlock Holmes, which is partially set in a fight venue called (sigh) The Punchbowl. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more, ContactMusic reports that Ritchie has plans to start a brewery and has already tradmarked the names Punch Bowl Beers and Punch Bowl Ale.

The band (not to be confused with the venue, the label, the beer or the movie setting) will release its first album through the new label on March 1. Although they’re a traditional Irish group, complete with bodhráns and pennywhistles, Ritchie doesn’t foresee any trouble floating the Punchbowl Band down the mainstream. ”[The music industry] is a tough place, but I’ve seen this band connect with people… They have every chance of being embraced by a wider audience and I genuinely wish them the very best of luck with their debut album,” he said in a recent statement.