Yoko Ono to Perform With Thurston Moore, Bette Midler, Eric Clapton, Many More

Yoko Ono
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The stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music will be full on Feb. 16, when the Plastic Ono Band performs. The concert, starring not just leading lady Yoko Ono but also including Thurston Moore, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Bette Midler, Ono’s son Sean Lennon and more, is an updated version of the original Plastic Ono Band, formed in 1969 by Ono and late husband John Lennon.

The February show will feature songs from a new album, Between My Head And The Sky, the band’s first since its 1975 release, Shaved Fish. (The new album’s title represents “where my inspiration is,” says the 76-year-old Ono.) Clapton and bassist Klaus Voorman are returning members of the band, but many of the numerous musicians are new to the group.

The Plastic Ono Band was originally created as a way to classify works by Lennon and Ono and anyone else performing with them. The name, Ono says, came from a time when she wanted to use four plastic stands holding tape players to serve as her “band.” Lennon came up with Plastic Ono Band, and it stuck.

Ticket are on sale now at the BAM website.