Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley Produce (Are?) Conjoined Twins

Amanda Palmer
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The latest collaboration between former Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer and busker-punk Jason Webley sounds like the stuff of a TLC reality series. As they tell it, Palmer and Webley recently discovered a pair of uber-talented singer/songwriter sisters who just so happen to be conjoined twins. Orphaned at birth in 1985, the sisters spent their childhood as a circus act until they went solo (as it were) as teenagers, eventually crossing paths with Palmer and Webley—who, conveniently, share a taste for macabre kitsch. On March 30, the sisters (one named Eva, one named Lyn, but both called Evelyn) will release their first album, Evelyn Evelyn, on Eleven Records.

Keep an eye on Evelyn Evelyn's MySpace page for more strange news—and, while you wait, check out this video of Palmer and Webley performing one of the twins' songs, "Elephant Elephant," from their 2007 debut EP:

Other artists are in on the act, too, with Tegan and Sara, Andrew W.K., "Weird Al" Yankovic and Francis Bean Cobain (Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter) all contributing to the record, which Palmer and Webley produced. Cynthia von Buhler has a graphic-novel biography of the sisters in the works, slated to come out later this year. In the meantime, the Evelyns will tour Europe and North America with Palmer and Webley in tow—though we bet you won't see the four of them on stage at the same time, if you get our drift. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Tour dates:

12 - Boston, Mass. @ ART Theater
13 - Boston, Mass. @ ART Theater
17 - Glasgow, U.K. @ Òran Mór
19 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Academy
22 - London, U.K. @ Koko
23 - London, U.K. @ Bush Hall
24 - London, U.K. @ Bush Hall
25 - London, U.K. @ Bush Hall
27 - Paris, France @ L’Européen
28 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkwag
29 - Hamburg, Germany @ Kampnagel

1 - Berlin, Germany @ Babylon
3 - Cologne, Germany @ Gloria
4 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Arenbergschouwburg

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