David Lynch Releases Promo Reel for Singer/Songwriter Ariana Delawari

David Lynch may just be Ariana Delawari’s biggest fan. Her album, Lion of Panjshir, is being released by his label, and he recently directed a promo reel for it, released today by DLF.TV and Flavorpill, filmed at The Black Lodge (a location fans may recognize from Lynch’s Twin Peaks).

“Ariana writes great songs,” Lynch said in a statement. “They are filled with feelings and thoughts from her life—her life in Hollywood and her life in Afghanistan where her roots are. Ancient and modern flow together here. This mixture of cultures and her melodies and lyrics conjure a great unique feeling in people. People are surprised and emotionally moved by this music. Ariana’s got something to sing about and she does it real well. It’s a beautiful debut album she’s made.”

Delawari was born to Afghan parents who fled to the U.S. after the Taliban takeover, but recently moved back to the war-torn country to help rebuild it. Some of Lion of Panjshir was recorded in Kabul, in spite of the danger, so traditional Afghan musicians could be featured. You can listen to the album on Delawari’s Myspace, and check out the Lynch promo video below. And for an exclusive video interview with Delawari about the project head over to DLF.TV.