Is Universal Planning a Jaws Remake in 3D?

Real talk, folks: The shark in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, Jaws, isn’t exactly impressive by today’s special-effects standards. However! Does that mean Universal Pictures has to go and foul up a fine franchise by remaking the original in 3D again Apparently, yes. Yes, it does.

CinemaBlend reports that a source inside Universal says the studio has a Jaws remake in mind, this time using the 3D technology Avatar made so popular. It’s also rumored that Tracy Morgan (!!!) was at one point being considered to play Richard Dreyfuss’ character Matt Hooper. Perhaps Universal wants to really overhaul Jaws into a comedy? Perhaps this whole rumor is a load of bunk?

Whether a 3D Jaws will be chomping its way into the box office any time soon remains to be seen, but with ESPN and Discovery’s recent announcement that they’ll soon launch 3D television channels, it’s starting to seem like those goofy glasses aren’t going anywhere soon.