Janelle Monáe to Release New Music This Week

[Photo by Jason Reed]

Earthlings: In case you hadn’t heard, Janelle Monáe is the future of rock ‘n’ roll. The diminutive Atlanta performer blew minds in 2008 with her Metropolis EP, landing herself a spot on P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records roster. This week, she’ll return with Metropolis’ much-anticipated follow-up. Or so it sounds, at least.

Monáe’s signature mix of rock and soul has blown away crowds all over the world, drawing comparisons to everyone from Prince to Barack Obama. Late last night, Monáe revealed via her Twitter that she’d be releasing new music before the week’s end, stating simply, “Earthlings: One reminder. Janelle Monáe will release new music this week. Follow her page closely. She will speak to you directly. Out.”

Better start working on your pompadour, y’all.