Josh Ritter Writing First Novel

Josh Ritter  is getting back into the swing of things, preparing for the release of his first new album in years, So Runs the World Away. Along with the new release and upcoming tour, Ritter’s fostering some literary aspirations. The singer/songwriter has signed on with The Dial Press (an imprint of Random House) to write his first novel, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Bright’s Passage was inspired by Ritter’s songwriting for So Runs the World Away. “Several of the songs on So Runs the World Away are fairly complicated narrative songs, so my first instinct was to try and make Henry Bright’s story into a song,” he told EW. “As I thought about it, though, I realized this was my chance to try my hand at a novel.”

Ritter’s no novice when it comes to penning fiction. “I’ve written lots of longer-form fiction before, but none that I’d ever think to show anyone,” he said.

Bright’s Passage may hit shelves as early as next year.