LCD Soundsystem, Duran Duran, Steve Miller Featured on Greenberg Soundtrack

LCD Soundsystem
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Noah Baumbach’s forthcoming film, Greenberg, is due out next month. The movie follows the single, fortysomething Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) on his quest to find himself.

Recently, more details on the James Murphy soundtrack were released (via The Playlist).
The album includes songs from Duran Duran, the Steve Miller Band, LCD Soundsystem, Albert Hammond (father of The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr.) and 11 new Murphy tracks.

The soundtrack will be available March 22, just days before Greenberg hits theaters March 26.


1. The Steve Miller Band – ‘Jet Airliner’
2. James Murphy – ‘People’
3. Nite Jewel – ‘Suburbia’
4. James Murphy – ‘Sleepy Baby’
5. James Murphy – ‘Thumbs’
6. Albert Hammond – ‘It Never Rains In Southern California’
7. James Murphy – ‘Plenty Of Time’
8. James Murphy – ‘Photographs’
9. James Murphy – ‘Gente’
10. Galaxie 500 – ‘Strange’
11. LCD Soundsystem – ‘Oh You (Christmas Blues)’
12. James Murphy – ‘Birthday Song’
13. James Murphy – ‘Dear You’
14. Sonics – ‘Shot Down’
15. Duran Duran – ‘The Chauffeur’
16. James Murphy – ‘If You Need A Friend’
17. James Murphy – ‘Please Don’t Follow Me’
18. James Murphy – ‘Photographs (Piano)’