MTV Removes "Music" From Logo

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Since its birth back in 1981, MTV has infused the music world with some hugely influential elements. After all, it’s thanks to MTV that music videos first found a home, “VJ” became a recognizable term and shows like the VMAs and TRL really brought musicians to the forefront of media in a new way. It’s that music-focused past that makes it worth noting the recent change to MTV’s logo: They’ve removed the words “Music Television.”

Then again, for anyone who’s tuned in to MTV in recent years, this should come as no surprise. Although the VMAs still exist, other music-centric institutions have fallen by the wayside, and when’s the last time you saw a VJ get significant face time? No, these days the MTV airwaves are populated with lots and lots of reality television (Real World, The Hills, Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, the list goes on).

According to MTV’s head of marketing, Tina Exarhos, the logo change had been something the network had been thinking about for a while. “It felt like, ‘Why have we been so scared when the channel itself has evolved so much over the years?’” she told the L.A. Times.