New Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley Albums in the Works, Says Jason Boesel

Current Paste Artist of the Day Jason Boesel—who’s recently moved from behind the drums to the front of the stage—is probably best known as Rilo Kiler’s longtime drummer. In a recent interview, Boesel gave us a little inside information about the future of Rilo Kiley and frontwoman Jenny Lewis (who, as of late, has been mostly flying solo).

When asked if Rilo Kiley was planning anything new, Boesel said the band is “working on a compilation of all the songs we never got to put on records over the years.” He continued, “There’s no plan to make a new record right now, since we’re on a hiatus of sorts, but I hope we do at some point. It’s been fun hanging out with everyone and putting the compilation together.”

There’s no release date set for the Rilo Kiley compilation, but Boesel hopes to get the project completed sometime in 2010, adding, “The sooner, the better. All the songs are recorded, so it’s just a matter of choosing it and doing artwork.” This album would be Rilo Kiley’s first release since 2007’s Under the Blacklight.

Boesel also said that Ms. Lewis “is working on a record with her boyfriend Johnathan Rice.” The pair have worked together before, with singer/songwriter Rice sharing both writing and production duties on Lewis’ most-recent release, 2008’s Acid Tongue. Lewis released her first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat, with help from the Watson Twins in 2006.