Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova Reissue 2004 EP, Add New Songs

Bright Eyes
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Even though you already own the Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova collaborative 2004 EP, One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels, do you really own it? Yes, yes you do. Silly question, right? However, the pair are reissuing the EP on March 23, and they’ve added four (brand new!) songs they recorded last fall, so maybe you’re going to have to own it again.

For Bright Eyes fans in particular, this should come as happy news. After all, we haven’t heard much from Conor Oberst’s breakout moniker as he’s been focused on other ventures like the Mystic Valley Band and Monsters of Folk. Below is the tracklist for the reissued version of One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels (the first four songs are the new ones):

1. Rollerskating
2. Happy Accident
3. Someone’s Love
4. I Know You
5. Tripped
6. Black Comedy
7. Poison
8. I’ll Be Your Friend
9. Get Back
10. Spring Cleaning