Polyphonic Spree and Invisible Children Team Up to Help Uganda

the polyphonic spree
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The recent earthquake in Haiti sparked renewed awareness among much of the world, reminding us of the great need on an international level. For those involved with Invisible Children, though, that great need has been the driving force behind their work since they were formed in 2003. Now, with the help of Polyphonic Spree and two other bands, Invisible Children plans to use music to encourage support for Uganda.

Invisible Children has always used media to tell Uganda’s story (in fact, the organization began after overwhelming response to a documentary), and so it makes sense for them to join forces with another media-based group, La Blogotheque. Known for taking musicians out of their natural environments, La Blogotheque records performances in the most unlikely places and circumstances.

With this partnership, La Blogotheque will fuse their unique musical storytelling with Invisible Children’s, ultimately creating a series of three Take Away Shows. These mini-documentaries will show the musicians as they travel to Gulu, Uganda, and learn about the struggles facing the African nation.

Once complete, Invisible Children will sell the documentary, using all proceeds to support programs aimed at helping Ugandan children avoid being recruited as soldiers, instead introducing educational programming.