Bloc Party Guitarist Readies Dance Album

Bloc Party

Seems like guitarist Russell Lissack is really enjoying his time off from Bloc Party. Contrary to his main gig’s oft-dramatic leanings, his latest project, Pin Me Down, which teams Lissack with New York singer Milena Mepris, is pure electro-pop sunshine. Bloc Party announced last year the band would be taking a lengthy break after three albums and tons of touring.

Pin Me Down layers Mepris’ hooky vocals over Lissack’s driving guitar riffs and heavy electronic beats, creating a catchy, danceable groove a’la Little Boots. The band, which recorded separately (Mepris in New York and Lissack from the road) traded music and lyrics via e-mail. The duo’s first single, “Cryptic,” was released earlier this year, and they recently made a new song called “Time Crisis” available for download. Expect a full album later this year.