The Pogues' Shane MacGowan Planning a Cooking Show

The Pogues
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Who knew Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan had aspirations to be a food-television personality? MacGowan and his wife have already done one food-related TV show for the RTE channel in Ireland where they lived off produce they grew themselves, but apparently that’s just the beginning.

“I’m a farm boy. I’m used to growing potatoes and clearing off caterpillars eating all the lettuces,” MacGowan told Spinner about the experience at the NME Awards (while apparently swigging an airplane bottle of gin).

MacGowan’s wife Victoria Clarke then revealed they want to continue their food TV careers with another show. “We’re going to do a cooking program next. We’re going to invite people over for dinner and cook for them!” Clarke said.

Look out, Anthony Bourdain; this hard-living rocker might be after your job.

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