The Hold Steady Announces New Album

The Hold Steady
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[Photo by Sean Edgar]

Just a month after keyboardist Franz Nicolay announced he’d left the band, The Hold Steady is releasing its first album without him. Heaven is Whenever is set for a May 4 release date on Vagrant, and on it, guitarist Tad Kubler promises fans a new direction for the band. “Rather than just concentrate on changes in the instrumentation, we made changes to the song writing process,” he says.

Kubler helped produce the record, which finds piano and keys (formerly Nicolay’s realm) toned down in favor of a more guitar-driven sound. Meanwhile, Nicolay is off on his own, alternating between dates with Guignol and doing vaudevillian solo gigs that may or may not include tap dancing. As for The Hold Steady, the band is hitting the road in April. See the tracklist for the new album below and tour details here.

Heaven Is Whenever tracklisting:

1. The Sweet Part of the City
2. Soft in the Center
3. The Weekenders
4. The Smidge
5. Rock Problems
6. We Can Get Together
7. Hurricane J
8. Barely Breathing
9. Our Whole Lives
10. A Slight Discomfort