The Wire's Dominic West to Direct Daytime Drama Episode

Dominic West
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He appeared in front of the camera as Jimmy McNulty, the tough cop with a drinking problem in The Wire, but Dominic West does some time behind the lens as well. West, who directed an episode of The Wire’s fifth and final season, will be calling the shots for an upcoming episode of Moving On, a BBC daytime drama.

The show consists of 10 stand-alone episodes per season that deal with current issues and the human struggle. Show producer Colin McKeown said, in a recent statement, “This new series will continue to explore the thorny contemporary issues of Alzheimer’s, drug co-dependency, adoption, religion and special needs within the community, along with additional family issues such as sibling rivalry, loyalty and friendship.” West will be on location in Liverpool to shoot the 45-minute installment, which will air later this year on the BBC.