Food, Inc. Draws Criticism From Agricultural Community

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The Academy Award-nominated documentary Food, Inc. has been strongly affecting many moviegoers since its 2009 release, but now a new crowd says the film is leaving a bad taste in their mouths. The National Corn Growers Association—one of the industries portrayed negatively in the movie—is encouraging American corn farmers to protest the film’s Oscar nomination, even though the Academy’s voting period has already ended.

Largely using social media outlets such as Facebook, the association is concerned that farmers’ reputations might suffer as a result of the documentary, and claim that the positives of their industry were ignored. “Because we have an abundant supply, America has the world’s most affordable food, and that’s due in large part to the practices attacked in this film,” said the group’s president, Darrin Ihnen.

Robert Kenner, who both produced and directed the movie, says he tried repeatedly to get in touch with farmers during filming with little success. Now that the film has gained so much attention, though, the food industry is starting to speak out. For Kenner, who’s wanted his film to spark open discussion about American farming and food practices, this opposition is, in a way, what he’s been striving to create. “These are complicated issues and we don’t mean to offer the solutions to these problems, totally, but we do mean to create a conversation about them,” Kenner said.