Herbie Hancock to Score Miles Davis Biopic

Herbie Hancock
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Don Cheadle’s biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis has been slow to develop, but big news came recently when Davis’ son and nephew told YRB that Herbie Hancock had been tapped to score the film.

The choice is apt considering Hancock, no small figure in the jazz world himself, played with Davis when he was living. “We’re in the process of OK’ing the script with a new writer,” Vince Wilburn Davis, Jr., Miles’ nephew and the film’s producer, told YRB. “Don didn’t like the other writer that was attached to the movie, so there’s a new writer named Steven Vegelman that Don’s writing with. Once is the script is OK’d by the family, then we go into production.”

Cheadle, in addition to co-writing the screenplay, is set to direct and star in the film.