Update: Jamie Foxx Not Writing Laverne & Shirley Movie

Jamie Foxx
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Update: Turns out Garry Marshall is a big, stinking liar. Or, something. Regardless, Foxx’s reps have denied the story. Bummer.

Didn’t see this one coming. During press junkets for the latest ensemble-cast-rom-com-named-after-a-holiday, Valentine’s Day, co-stars Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel talked about wanting to play Laverne and Shirley in a big-screen remake of the popular TV comedy. Now, it seems their dream is becoming a reality. Garry Marshall, the show’s original producer, as well as director of Valentine’s Day, revealed in a recent interview with TV Guide that Jamie Foxx is writing the script for the adaptation. Yep, Jamie Foxx, that same truly Unpredictable guy who is rumored to be playing Frank Sinatra one minute, and earning one of Paste’s 25 Best Movie Performances of the Decade the next.

“Jamie and I are trying to do it,” Marshall said. “It’s a whole different modern-day take on how [Laverne and Shirley] came up on the streets during difficult times. Laverne would be this very tough girl with a big ‘L’ tattooed on her arm. Jennifer Garner would play Laverne and Jessica Biel would play Shirley.”

This is the part of the story where we’d normally write some kind of zinger, but maybe it’d be best if we all just marinated on this one in silence for a while.