Mad Men Barbies to Hit Stores in July

Mad Men
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As if Don Draper, his wife Betty, the silver-haired Roger Sterling and his ad agency’s most stylish secretary didn’t already look perfect enough through our televisions, now they’re being transformed into Barbie versions. A partnership between AMC, Lionsgate and Mattel has resulted in the four-doll set, scheduled to start popping up on select shelves in July.

But true Mad Men fans won’t have to wait until summer to get a glimpse of these petite plastic collector’s items. Each set of Mad Men Season Three DVDs—set to be released March 23—will come with a character sketch of one of the dolls. The Barbies, each meticulously designed by Mattel’s Robert Best, come complete with several appropriate accessories (Don Draper has a hat, briefcase and overcoat, for example) and mark the first licensed doll line in the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

At an estimated cost of $74.95, fans can look for the collection starting in July at, as well as some retailers.