Disney Plans Indian Action Movie, Chinese High School Musical

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Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland Paris. And now, according to ABC, an Indian Disney film. Following the success of Disney’s 2008 Hindi animated movie, Roadside Romeo, Mickey’s mega-corporation announced plans to further its world domination by filming an action film in India. Using the southern Indian dialect of Telugu, the company is hoping to strengthen its relationship with the Asian nation.

The unnamed film, scheduled for a January 2011 release, will be directed by Indian filmmaker Prakash Rao Kovelamudi and will even be dubbed in a second dialect to help make it more marketable. This project came to be after Roadside Romeo, an animated film co-produced with an Indian studio and voiced by popular local celebrities, became Disney’s most lucrative Indian opening to date. “As we work to build a family entertainment brand in India, we plan to provide Indian audiences with an unparalleled roster of locally relevant stories and engaging characters,” Walt Disney Co. India Managing Director Mahesh Samat said in a statement about the film.

This forthcoming movie will follow a nine-year-old girl with special powers who attempts to save her homeland from an evil queen.

India isn’t the only country Disney has targeted lately. The studio has also released two co-productions in China and has a third—a Chinese version of the overwhelmingly successful High School Musical—in the works.