3D Movies Push Worldwide Box Office to All-Time High

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As a moviegoer, the novelty of sporting funny-looking glasses to experience a film in 3D may have waned, but for Hollywood (and for movie theaters worldwide, for that matter), our apparent obsession with being visually immersed in movies is literally paying off. In 2009, 3D sales boosted overall ticket revenue eight percent, bringing global ticket sales to almost $30 billion—the highest yet.

Along with the boost in ticket sales, theaters saw a rise in attendance for the first time in two years, yet another testament to the recession-proof-ness of movies. As for the 3D factor, studios and cinemas alike have been quick to latch on to the trend. Last year, 20 films were released in 3D—an eight film increase from 2008. And more and more movie theaters are converting or building 3D screens to house all these flicks, too. The number of 3D screens in the U.S. and Canada more than doubled in 2009, the AP reports. Across the globe, there were five times more 3D theaters last year than in 2008.