Rights to Elvis Presley and Muhammed Ali's Names, Images Up for Sale

Elvis Presley
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The king of rock ‘n’ roll continues to make money hand over blue suede shoes all these years after his death. Thousand of fans flock to Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate each year, while others spend their money buying very personal memorabilia. Even Presley’s grandson is worth millions. So when entertainment management group CKX, (which, among other things, owns 85 percent of the rights to Elvis’ name, image and likeness) decides to sell, they’re not going to walk away anywhere near empty-handed.

The company also owns the rights to the mega-popular American Idol franchise and to Muhammed Ali’s name, image and likeness, and is now in talks to sell. According to a report in the Telegraph, One Equity Partners may fork over the giant cost of buying CKX. The two companies are in the midst of negotiations, which may take a while with CKX’s value hovering somewhere around $560 million range. Just think, for the low price of just over half a million dollars, you too could visit Graceland any time you’d like. Tempting, no?

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