Carrie Brownstein on Sleater-Kinney Reunion: "I think it will happen."

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Carrie Brownstein  and her Sleater-Kinney bandmates went on a hiatus from making music together nearly four years ago. But Brownstein has stayed a relevant member of the music—and now, film—world with her NPR music blog, Monitor Mix, and her role in the recently-released movie Some Days Are Better Than Others (which co-stars Shins/Broken Bells’ James Mercer).

And it was in an interview with IFC to promote Some Days that Brownstein slipped in a comment that will have S-K fans on high alert. When asked about the possible future projects from the band, the guitarist said, “Well, Janet [Weiss], Corin [Tucker] and I are still great friends. And we will probably do something.” Brownstein added, “We spent 11 years committed to that band, heart and soul. To get back into it we have to be in that place where we can immerse ourselves fully. I think it will happen. We have to loop around, and we’re at the far end of the circle, away from the band, but I think we will come back and revisit it. And hopefully that record will be sometime in the next five years.”